“I Want Him to be My Husband” A Kenyan Man Declares His Love For Thee Pluto.

A Man crushing on Thee Pluto.

Wonders shall never end in this world, an unknown young teen boy has caused stir online, after he publicly confessed that he loves Kenyan content creator and street Sanitizer Thee Pluto.

The young man said that he has been crushing on Thee Pluto for a long time, and he literally loves his cute smile and lightskin. He said that He loves Thee Pluto from the bottom of his heart. He said that he is very sure that Thee Pluto is his God sent husband.

The boy who is linked to LGBTQ society was very confident while saying that he is currently praying Thee Pluto to break up with Felicity so that he can get a chance to win his heart.

The boy went a head and alleged that he usually talk with Thee Pluto and he is very sure that Thee Pluto loves him, and it is just a matter of time, but in future he sees him and Thee Pluto getting married.

Thee Pluto has however responded to the allegations, he was very angry and he even showed the chats between him and the young man. Thee Pluto said that the gay boy is trying to clout chase by turnishing his name and linking him to evil acts. Thee Pluto said he is very straight and he is into girls not men, he warned the young man against defaming him and said that Kenyans should not listen to such a stupid man.

Here is the link to the full video on Instagram. (courtesy).

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