” I Love Dating Older Men, They Treat Me Well” A Young Kenyan University Lady Says.

A university student confesses her love for older men

A young kenyan university student decided to let the cat out of the bag, by revealing to the public on why she prefers dating older men, as compared to the teen boys who are the same age as hers.

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Speaking in an interview with Reyo TV, the young lady said that she was raised from a poor background and she has never experienced that fatherly love. She was raised by her relatives who used to mistreat her always.

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She however struggled her way up, managed to pass very well, her primary and secondary exams, then she joined the university that is far from her home.

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Here she got new friends who influenced her into abusing drugs and all other bad weird behaviours that majority of university students are prone to doing.

Her friend who was living a very good life, courtesy of ‘Mubabaz’ introduced her to dating older men for financial stability and also living a good expensive lifestyle like her.

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The lady fell in love with an older man, the man started treating her well and giving her everything she needs. Her aim was to only get money from him, but she found herself falling in love completely with the old man.

The lady said that the old man is a complete package, he gives her fatherly love, money and to make it more sweater he is super perfect in bed, and he knows all the nasty style. He is a top notch old man who knows to treat a lady very well.

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The young girl said that she will never change her mind on dating older men. She is planning to stick with his old man, because he is everything she wanted.

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