“I Dated a 70Years Old Man With his 3 sons and twa twa with all of Them” A Famous Model Reveals.

A Famous Model Reveals how she dated a father with his 3 sons.


Atieno Banks has gone viral after her very shocking story. The model dated a father and his 3 sons. She revealed that she bedded all of them and went ahead dumping them.

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“I had difficulties in leaving any of them because the sons were cute but not good in bed, while the father at 70 was ugly but good in Bed” A Famous Kenyan Model narrates how she successfully managed to date a father and his 3 sons and slept with all of Them.

One of the most famous Kenyan model and also actress known as Otieno Banks has left many people in shock after revealing a very weird secret on the toxic boyfriend show that is hosted by Oga Obinna.

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Otieno Banks revealed that two years ago she managed to do something very weird and that is dating a father together with his 3 sons and slept with all of them several times.

Otieno Banks said that the father was the one who started crushing on her via social media, he inboxed her and they met. He was a tycoon and after meeting they vibed and decided to date. While dating the father introduced her to his children as the second younger wife.

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The sons were cute and they also started crushing on her. So when their father left the country  for a while, the sons started hitting up on her separately. Because the three were so cute, Otieno decided to utilise the opportunity very well and fell in love with all of them. She slept with all of them separately several times.In short the model dated father and his 3 sons.

When the father jetted back into the country, now the problems begun because all the four after testing her waters were very obsessed with her. However the sons were cute but not good in bed, while the father was ugly but good in bed.

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Everyone wanted her and hence she was forced to go to exile. Otieno said it was like they were using dark powers because they just used to appear mysteriously any place she had went to relax.It was a difficulty to dump them so she went into exile and that is how she left the relationships.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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