” I can’t Stop Sleeping With Men, Nilienda Church Kuombewa Nikajipata Nimepea Pastor Mechi”

A 23 years old lady with a weird confession.

A 23 years old lady has caused stir online after she decided to reveal a very weird confession. The young girl first admitted publicly that she has a very high intimacy drive, and once she is high she must get intimate, with any man she gets.

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At the age of 23 , the young lady has already forgotten her body count, she confessed that she has slept with a dozen of men , and she can’t even remember a good number of them.
It seems like a disability and she has no control over it, because she just always find it happening and it is something that she can’t stop, she has no power to stop, it is uncontrollable.

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She even opted to go to the church to seek divine interventions from the man of God, but things went left, because she found herself getting intimate with the pastor who was to pray for her. She said that she couldn’t resist, it just happened and that is it.

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She is in a dilemma and she doesn’t know what to do, she is optimistic that maybe in future she will get a solution, but for now she will just continue sleeping around with men as usual.

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