” Huyo Akothee Wenu Ni Taka Taka Tu” Nyako Insults Akothee Again.

Kenyan content creator who is based in Germany, Nyako seems to be fueling her online verbal beef with Omosh’s ex wife, Akothee. The two celebrities have been bashing each other online for a while, and it seems like Nyako still wants to here more from madam boss.

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It all started after Akothee warned Nyako against mentioning her name on Tiktok anyhowly. She said that she is a jealous woman who is secretly admiring her success and dreaming to become like Akothee in future.

However Nyako declined all the claims of Akothee, and said that she is far in life as compared to her, Nyako said that she knew abroad before Akothee, hence Akothee will never be her role model in this life.

She went ahead in a different live, where one of the Akothees’ fans decided to quarrel with her live. Nyako felt offended and she told him to stop mentioning Akothees’ name, according to her Akothee is trash.

“Akothee ni nani, huyo ni takataka, guok olundu meru” Angry Nyako said. She simply referred Akothee to a trash and a dog. She then left the live angry and offended.

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Nyako always claims to be ahead in life as compared to Akothee. On the other hand Akothee says she is the queen of all women and she will soon become the president of tiktok and overthrow Nyako who is currently among the most most feared female tiktokers in Kenya.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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