“‘Hukufanya Poa” Kenyans React After Citizen Tv Journalist Ayub Roasted Ruto At The White House.

Citizen Tv Journalist , Ayub Abdikadir, who is one of the most eloquent and courageous journalist in Kenya, decided to pose a very challenging question to the president of Kenya, William Ruto live at the whitehouse, Infront of the whole world and Ruto had to change his tone while answering Ayub.

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The question was unexpected , but something that most kenyans have been questioning. Ayub asked Ruto why is he deploying security personnel to Haiti, yet insecurity is a very huge challenge back in Kenya. He asked him that the bandits seems to be winning against the police , yet the country is deploying police to Haiti, what does that mean to the nation.

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President William Ruto as usual never lacks an answer to anything, however he changed his tone , while responding to Ayub. Ruto said that the government has already deployed enough military to the bandits area and they are stimulizing them, very soon everything will be fine.
He said that deploying 1000 police officers to Haiti is just like the way kenya decided to help their neighbours, DRC when they have been facing a challenge, so that can’t interfere with the security or the nation.

Kenyans however had different reactions, and most people praised Ayub Abdikadir for such a question that was straightforward and they said that he real nailed it. However others bashed him, here are the screenshots of some of the comments.

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