Ksh221M Sportpesa Winner Abisai Reveals How He Spent Millions 

How Samuel Abisai Spent His Millions


Article Outline

1. Introduction
– Brief overview of the Ksh221 million Sportpesa winner, Samuel Abisai.
– Setting the context of the article and the significance of his financial success.

2. The Winning Moment
– Highlighting the jackpot-winning event in 2017.
– Emphasizing the importance of correctly predicting 17 football matches.

3. Post-Win Reflection
– Abisai’s reflection and planning phase after winning.
– The importance of proper financial management in ensuring long-term stability.

4. Investing in the Church
– Abisai’s decision to contribute to his local church.
– Discussion on his approach, including interactions with the pastor and various church departments.

5. Family Matters
– Abisai’s commitment to family, especially his mother and father.
– Insights into the life lessons offered by his father regarding responsible wealth management.

6. Uplifting Others
– How Abisai utilized his profits to uplift people in need.
– His mantra of using financial success for the betterment of others.

7. Personal Holiday
– Abisai’s choice to take a personal holiday in Holland after the win.
– Anecdotes about the experiences during his holiday and the revelation to his then-girlfriend about the lottery win.

8. Venturing into Business
– Abisai’s entrepreneurial journey post-winning.
– Collaborations with friends in starting businesses and creating employment opportunities.

9. Business Proposals and Decision-making
– Handling numerous business proposals and partnership offers.
– Abisai’s decision-making process and the criteria for selecting projects.

10. Manufacturing Paints with Chinese Partners
– Details on the specific business venture with Chinese partners.
– Abisai’s background in manufacturing house and car paints and its influence on his business choices.

 Ksh221M Sportpesa Winner Abisai Reveals How He Spent Millions

In 2017, Samuel Abisai became a household name as the lucky winner of the Ksh221 million Sportpesa Jackpot. His story transcends mere luck; it’s a testament to how financial success, even derived from gambling fortune, can pave the way for lasting stability. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Abisai’s journey, from the winning moment to his strategic post-win decisions.

 Ksh221M Sportpesa Winner Abisai Reveals How He Spent Millions 
Ksh221M Sportpesa Winner Abisai Reveals How He Spent Millions

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The Winning Moment

Abisai’s life changed dramatically when he correctly predicted the outcomes of 17 football matches, securing the impressive Ksh221 million jackpot. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Post-Win Reflection

Unlike some who might succumb to the pressure of sudden wealth, Abisai took a prudent approach. He spent an entire year reflecting and planning how best to utilize his newfound fortune. This crucial phase laid the foundation for his financial success.

Investing in the Church

One of Abisai’s first decisions was to give back to his community. Instead of a conventional tithe, he engaged with his local church, seeking guidance on how to contribute meaningfully. His commitment extended to various church departments, emphasizing a holistic approach to community support.

 Family Matters

Abisai’s commitment to family shines through his actions. When it came to his father’s turn to benefit, he opted for life lessons over immediate financial gifts. This decision not only showcased his responsible approach but also highlighted the significance of familial bonds.

Uplifting Others

Abisai adopted a mantra of using his profits to uplift those in need. Whether helping friends start businesses from scratch or employing individuals from his hometown, his commitment to making a positive impact is evident.

Personal Holiday

Celebrating his win, Abisai took a personal holiday in Holland, a well-deserved break to relax and enjoy life. The story takes a delightful turn as he reveals the truth about his financial windfall to a girlfriend who was initially unaware of his newfound fortune.

 Venturing into Business

With newfound clarity and financial control, Abisai ventured into entrepreneurship. Collaborating with friends, he started businesses and created job opportunities. His story underscores the transformative power of strategic decision-making post a windfall.

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Business Proposals and Decision-making

Abisai faced a barrage of business proposals and partnership offers. However, his discerning approach allowed him to filter through the opportunities, selecting projects aligned with his vision and goals. This period of careful consideration defined his business trajectory.

Manufacturing Paints with Chinese Partners

A standout venture in Abisai’s portfolio is his partnership with Chinese investors to manufacture paints. This venture ties back to his earlier education in China, where he gained skills in producing house and car paints.


Samuel Abisai’s journey from a Sportpesa winner to a successful entrepreneur is a testament to strategic planning, responsible decision-making, and a commitment to giving back. His story serves as an inspiration for those navigating sudden wealth, highlighting the importance of thoughtful investments and community support.


1. How did Samuel Abisai celebrate his jackpot win?
– Abisai celebrated by taking a personal holiday to Holland.

2. Did Abisai immediately invest his winnings?
– No, he took a year to reflect and plan before making investment decisions.

3. What businesses did Abisai start post-winning?
– Abisai ventured into various businesses, including a partnership to manufacture paints.

4. How did Abisai contribute to his local church?
– Instead of a tithe, Abisai engaged with the church and contributed to various departments.

5. What life lessons did Abisai’s father offer?
– Abisai’s father advised him to treat him from the profit after investing, emphasizing responsible wealth management.


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