How I Got My Lost Love At The Age Of 40 Years

I told him I loved him. He didn’t answer, and I didn’t hear from him for two days. Then he rang me and he said, I’ve just called to say Love you’ this happened after I had visited kiwanga doctors whom I learned of when I came across their website . And after going through it booked an appointment with them and got helped, this is my story.

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love again and get married at my age. I’m 40 years old and my husband Steve is aged 55, we first met as teenagers when we went to the same church group in Nairobi. He began dating my best friend Dorothy. In fact, Infact I was their bridesmaid   at their wedding in 2000, and less than two years she lent me her wedding dress for my own wedding to Joseph. It wasn’t long after the war had ended, and we got married on shoestring. I was 27 then, and Joseph and I ended up being married for 8 years which isn’t very long is it?

Steve said that when he proposed to Dorothy, it was touch and go whether he would ask her for me .I was second on the list. But he was glad he said yes. It was right for both of us to marry who we did at that time, and have our own families. My previous husband was only 39 when he died of lung cancer. I never thought of meeting anyone else. It took me a long time to find my own identity again. But gradually, Life opened up and found my confidence. Steve and I met again at Dorothy’s funeral. We’d all stayed friends over the years, and spend some good times together. I’d traveled a long way to be there that day.

Dorothy had been I’ll for a few months, It was wonderful to see him again, but only a few years earlier, Steve had been in a bad car crash and I was upset at seeing him and this time I moved for a long distance to Kisumu with Steve. It’s been a big learning curve, but I’m very happy. We got married on 30th March in a catholic church in Kisumu. It was a beautiful day. I was bit apprehensive, but once I got to the church, I began to relax. Blue is my color, so I wore a blue and cream outfit; I knew I didn’t want to wear a white dress. Steve was in a wheelchair, and I had my three-wheeled walker, decorated with silk flowers, so we could keep them afterwards. My sons walked me down the aisle and my best friends were bride’s maid. And I asked a few collogues of mine, whom I’ve known for a good time, to be matron of honor. Steve’s family and mine had never met before, but they all got really well.

To find Love again, and get married aged 40years is totally unexpected. It’s been a little series of miracles, really. We like to think Dorothy would be pleased for us. And to others in a similar position: If you are sure it’s the right thing, just look for kiwanga doctors and get it easily. It’s never too late to find love again. For me it was always in my dream to marry Steve, whom we were best friends when we were kids, we would go to church together and really loved each other, When we parted ways to go to various collages that’s when we lost love for each other but deep down in my heart I knew one day I would marry him. Thanks to kiwanga doctors for helping me find my true lover.

How I Got My Lost Love At The Age Of 40 Years
How I Got My Lost Love At The Age Of 40 Years

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