How Davido Made Ksh.56 Million in Less Than 30 Minutes While in Kenya.

Davido is one of the most famous and celebrated Nigerian and also global superstar. He is among the musicians who have made it in life through music and gained much international recognition, to an extent that he even performs in more international shows as compared to local shows.

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His ratecard is crazy and that is why the promoters who bring him to perform in any country, they usually have to dig deeper in their pockets.

He was the lead singer at Raha Festival held at Nairobi , Uhuru Gardens on 30th March 2024. He was paid a very huge amount of money and his electric performance only lasted for less than 30 Minutes.

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According to reliable sources, Davido was paid ksh.56 Million to perform at Raha Festival, a performance that lasted for less than 30 minutes, but it was an unforgettable perfomance. He even invited the likes of Bien on the stage.
However there was a section of Kenyans who complained online, Davido being given such a huge amount of money, yet local Kenyan musicians , no one who given even close to ksh.1 Million for performing at the same event.

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