” Heri Chira Amekufa, Aende Achomwe, Alikufa Juu Ya Dhambi Zake” Nuru Okanga Hits Out At Brian Chira .

The vocal Azimio la umoja supporter, Nuru Okanga, finally decided to talk about the death of Brian Chira. His comments were controversial as usual, Nuru Okanga decided to be controversial and decided to let the cat out of the cat.

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Nuru Okanga said that Brian Chira was in LGBTQ and according to him he doesn’t support LGBTQ and also it is against the cultures of many kenyans and hence Nuru says that Chira deserved to die.
Okanga said that Kenyans should not even mourn Chira, he feels that the death is wrath from God and the elimination of people who were supporting the LGBTQ society. He said that Chira will go to satan, and he will face the hell fire .

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Nuru urged Kenyans not to give Chira attention and together unite to try and fight the immoral behaviour the late was being involved in, this is so controversial, and Nuru is always on the spot for such comments.

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