“Hakuna Kupumzika” Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Girlfriend  Pritty Vishy Unveils Her New Boyfriend.

Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy


Just after breaking up 6 days ago, Stivo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy is currently a woman in love. The girl seemed to have moved on fast, she didn’t take even some time to heal because she had just ended a 3 years relationship with her long-term boyfriend.

Pritty Vishy publicly unveiled his new boyfriend who is a very cute, handsome man, the man of her dreams and the type of a man she has been praying for.
(Here is the video of Pritty Vishy and her new boyfriend, enjoying good moments together).

(courtesy, Pritty Vishy Instagram).

Nairobians usually say tha “Hakuna Kupumzika, Ukiachwa, unaoga haraka, unarudi soko”. This is exactly what Pritty Vishy has done, so after parting ways with Simple Boy, she had no time for negotiations, she went directly into another relationship.

Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy, broke up due to the allegations of infidelity issues, whereby Pritty Vishy felt that Stivo was cheating on her with Adasa. While Stivo’s side of story is very different, because according to him, Pritty Vishy had some bad behaviours that can’t make her a good wife..

They are no longer together, Stivo Simple Boy is single and waiting for Adasa’s feedback, while Pritty Vishy is currently in a new relationship. We wish her all the best and pray that things work out this time round.

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