Guardian Angel Opens Up On Marrying Esther Musila For Money

Guardian Angel speaks about marrying Esther Musila for money.

Gospel Musician Guardian Angel is among the Kenyan celebrities who have been facing backlash online because of marrying women who are older than them . Guardian who is in 30s , is happily married to Esther Musila who is 53 years old, it is an age gap of 20 years.

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The online bullies have been trolling Guardian Angel and majority alleging that he made a decision to marry Esther, because she is wealthy and she promised him a lavish lifestyle.

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Speaking in an interview  with M Tuva, Guardian Angel decided to open up and revealed the exact reason why he choose Esther. The gospel artist said that he found peace of mind in Esther, she is an amazing woman and she has really helped him to grow and achieve his goals.

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If it is true that he was after money, then their relationship could have ended along time ago. He said that they are now married for 4 years, and for those years alot has changed and it is evident that he is living well and their relationship is healthy.

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Guardian said that age doesn’t matter when it comi to marriage, connection is the main thing that makes it work. He said that there are alot of people out here who are married to their age mates but their marriage has ended up in premium tears.

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The musician said that he is enjoying his marriage life, living his dream come true and also growing financially and spiritually. He urged his fans to continue supporting him and to the haters he told them to just find out what they want to do with their life.

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