Cute Photos of Francis Atwoli and His Young Wife Mary Kilobi In a Plane Going for International Duties in UK.

Cute Photos of Atwoli and Mary Kilobi Going in Uk.


After having a very tough and hot political season. Francis Atwoli and his young wife Mary Kilobi , have been spotted in a plane to United Kingdom . The two lover birds seemed to be enjoying their moment as they wait to land in UK.

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According to the post shared by Mary Kilobi on her Instagram page, she said that they are going for International duties. However since they are couples and Atwoli has had a very busy political season , which was followed by a defeat, it is automatically that they are going for a vacation.

Here are Photos of Francis Atwoli and Mary Kilobi enrouting to Europe for international duties.

Cotu secretary general needs some rest and also to plan how he will work with William Ruto. Francis Atwoli and his young wife Mary Kilobi , have been in love for quite sometimes.

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Mary really loves Atwoli despite all the insults they usually face. Their age differences have been a question that has trended online for sometime.

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However during the interviews, Atwoli never regrets marrying a young wife .Mary is the third wife and the most loved. Infact Francis usually spends most time with her at , there mansion in Kajiadoo County.

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