Form 1 Student Nuru Okanga Says That He Knows Why Kiptum Died.

Okanga's claims on Why Kiptum Died

One of the most controversial kenyan celebrity Nuru Okanga, who is a form one student, or rather the oldest form one student in Kenya, caused stir online after he claimed that he knows why Kiptum died.

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Okanga who always risks himself or draws himself into problems is on record claiming that Kiptum was allegedly using dark powers. Those are words from Okanga, speaking during Bunge la Wanainchi event in Nairobi.

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The Azimio la umoja supporter, said that the Kenyan parliament should stop wasting time, discussing the death of Kiptum, he knows what killed him. He linked Kiptum to Illuminati claiming that he was among them, and that is what led to his death. This are just allegations from Okanga and he is always controversial man.
Here is the video.

The family of Kiptum is still mourning the loss of their loved one, Nuru Okanga needs somehow to consider the family before making some statements. He is a controversial man, and he has even been arrested for insulting president. You must also remember kenya is a nation that has freedom of speech, and anyone is free to share what they want, as long as doesn’t go out of the constitution.

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The death of Kiptum is being investigated and the government believes that the truth will come out, and if anyone was involved then they will have to face the law.

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