Ever since he found out that I am pregnant, his interest in me has drastically gone down – woman.

My husband Derrick from Kasese Uganda and I have been married for almost 4 years, and we are expecting our first child in December. Ever since we found out that I am pregnant, his interest in me has drastically gone down.

The man has since refused to show more interest in me indicating that he wants me to abort the innocent child.

Any time I try to initiate a conversation with him, he gets very nasty and tells me that I should not talk to him. He shrugs me off. “shut up,” he yells right in my face.
One fact that I do know is that he is upset that he cannot find a good job in his chosen profession and blames me for getting pregnant this time. He keeps making the
statement, that I am trying to hold him back. Always excuses and blame game.
At some point, he stated that he is not making enough money to buy nice cars and TV sets for us the way he would want it to be. Simply put, he is not confident with himself because of his financial state.

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On my side, I was ready to remain with him even in poverty but it seems he was determined to end this relationship.
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