“I Did Not Kill Them” The Owner of The Car That Killed Baba Mona Opens Up on What Happened.

One of the most famous tiktoker, Baba Mona, was laid to rest on 18th March 2023 together with his 3 family members. The four were involved in a deadly accident on their way to their matrimonial home , and died on the spot.

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Evans Otieno, a tiktoker and also a very close friend of Baba Mona, is the owner of the car that claimed the lives of Baba Mona, Mona, his two sisters Belinda and Connie.

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Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Evans said that , when Baba Mona borrowed him the car, it was in a good condition, and it had no mechanical problem. He said that they all made sure the car is fine and he handed it over to Baba Mona.

The Owner of the car that Killed Baba Mona.
Evans Otieno, The Owner of the car that Killed Baba Mona.

Otieno said that , accidents are unpredictable, and they can happen anytime , depending on Gods will. He said that according to the police statement, the car was over speeding and it lost control.

He and some mechanic went to check the car at the police station, mechanical it has no issue. The only problem it has is a burst tyre and no windscreen, and this was as a result of the car rolling several times during the accident.

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Evans said that those romours and allegations people are making are just fake, he didn’t kill his friend Baba Mona, it was an accident and it is always unplanned. He said that even the family knows that and everything is God who plans.

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He also mourned his close friend ,Baba Mona , by recounting the last moments they were together, and how they had a good chemistry. He said that him and the whole of tiktok family, will stand with Baba Mona’s family and they will support them whenever they need them.

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