Cindy: How I Used to Make Ksh.50,000 Daily From Tiktok.

Famous Kenyan tiktoker, Cindy Baibe decided to open up on how she used to make huge money from tiktok, the time she used to sell her private videos to netizens online, and tiktok was her main marketing platform.

Cindy said that due to hardships, in 2022, she decided to venture into a new business, which was marketing and selling her nudes online. The business picked in 2023, and this is the period when she started making huge amount of money from the platform.

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People used to mock her, but deep down, she was aware of what she was doing. She used to remain humble and over 7000 people used to join her live daily.

Out of this 7000 people, about 500 people used to go in her dm, especially men, and they used to send her ksh.500 for the videos, and that is how she always ended up daily making ksh.50,000 . She decided to construct a new house for her mother and started upgrading her life.

Cindy: How I Used to Make Ksh.50,000 Daily From Tiktok.

The business was booming till  January 2024, when her private videos went viral online, this is after Prince Mwiti posted on telegram, and that is how her business fell down, but all in all she had already made a profit. She stopped doing it and now she is a brand .
Here is the video.

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