Cindy: Mimi Ni Big Machine, I Can Only Date Mtumbaman Juu Ako na Inches.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and tiktoker, Cindy, who is known as the ‘Nyonga na mia’ lady and a beautiful lady who has bad manners, decided to reveal to the public that she is single.

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During a live session with Baba Talisha, Cindy revealed that she is single and searching for a Man to date her. Despite her dark past, and viral stories of her immoral behaviours, Cindy is ready to date a man who is strong enough to handle her.
She said that she doesn’t prefer men who have bigger behinds. She wants slim men, because she knows how flexible they are in bed, and they can satisfy her well in bedroom.

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Speaking during the live, Cindy said that currently among the kenyan tiktokers, she can give, Mtumbaman a chance to date her because he is slim and from the look , she can tell that he is a man who can satisfy her fully in bed. She said that she is a plus size and only slim men have the capability of handling her well.


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