Bahati Reality Show Gift No 31: Diana Marua Busted Giving Bahati Twa Twa in a Yatcht.

The Bahati Reality Show is arguably one of the best reality shows in the country, the show has been streaming on Netflix and it has really caught the attention of many kenyans. It is doing well and the whole of Africa has been having very positive feedback about the show.

The show is based on real life story and this is according to the owners of the script that is Diana Marua and Bahati. It is a Parental guidance show, because there are some scenes that aren’t recommended for under 18, it is raw and things are being said live live.
In one of the scenes, Diana Marua took Bahati to Mombasa to celebrate his birthday, Bahati was expected to relax, calm down and let his wife give him the treatment on his birthday.
They hired a Yatcht together with their friends, that includes, More, Dk kwenye beat, Val, Phoina, Jackie Matubia and others. They threw a Yatcht party. While having a nice time Diana Marua promised Bahati 31 gifts, and she was to start by gift no 31.
As others were enjoying the ocean breeze on the Yatcht, one of the ladies went inside to check where Diana and Bahati were, only to find them in a bathtub and they two were getting cosy. It was a crazy scene, but they didn’t show any bad thing, the thing that was shown on the camera were just Diana on top doing her thing.
The full video is available on netflix, it is ana amazing show check it out on netflix.

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