Mungai Eve : Nimeanza Kuongeza Hips, Bado Boobs Sasa

Mungai Eve's Body Transformation.

For quite a long time, one of the best female content creator in Kenya Mungai Eve has been a victim of cyber bullying and body shaming from social media Netizens.

Eve has been facing alot of criticism online because she had small behinds and her hips were not that thick, and also in one of her latest photo’s she posted with her boyfriend Trevor while at Mombasa, people really trolled her.

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She had exposed her chest and the bullies started insulting her about her small boobs.Speaking in an interview with Naomi Kuria who is a content creator, and also a victim of body shaming due to her big tummy, Mungai Eve said that since she has now added hips, people have started insulting her about her small boobs.

Eve said that everyone is not perfect, and each one of us has their own imperfections and that is how we were all created. Eve said that some things are just natural and you can’t force them, and just like the way her hips have broadened, her boobs will also increased.

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Eve is also glowing, and her dressing code and also looks have really changed because she now has money and she can afford anything she wants. She is living with her boyfriend in Kileleshwa and they currently own a lavish car. We wish her all the best as she continues to transform her body and also develop her desired body shape.

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Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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