” Alikuwa Anapenda Pombe na Bangi Sana” Close Friend Reveals As He Shares His Last Moments With Brian Chira .

Here is the story of Brian Chira , shared by one of his closest friend, who really knew what was happening in the life of this young money.


I know Chira well than anyone else knows him
Watu wa social media knows nothing
Hawa marafiki zake wa after fame knows nothing about chira
They don’t know the life of Chira,I know place chira lived adi place alihamia
Chira I remember we fought sana about alcohol na unprotected sex ,I had talked to him about going Kwa counselor for counselling sessions alikataa
Na akasema I leave his life alone,akasema I am being judgemental,mara ngapi I brought him food kwake ?
Mara ngapi ningemsimamia na kiboko ndio afue ?
Mara ngapi ningemtafuta kumbe ako Kwa pombe ?
Mara ngapi I warned him about his friends ,I remember he lost his phone nikampea kaduda yangu na ilikuwa na mem card ya 4 gbs but Bado ilipotea,I took him like my younger brother but I left him to the world after alisema I leave him alone.
I remember kuna time nilikuwa pole Kwa msiba na I received a call from a new number
Na I received he told me ni Brian Chira and amepewa number yangu na mtu
Na needed some help ( that’s how I met him ).

Alikuwa anataka nimsadie apate scholarship ya university since kulipa fees was a challenge.Just know that the grandma ndio alikuwa analipa fees through kufanya vibarua and applying for bursaries,then at that time alikuwa anaishi place inaitwa generation apa Nakuru kiamunyi na rent ilikuwa 5500 bedsitter,na bado the grandma ndio alikuwa anamtumia good from shags.
He was a bright boy and he was doing economics
Also you and other people should know that Chira was still a celeb because of his English na he had a huge following on IG na he sold the IG account ya 10 k followers and if I can remember well alikuwa anajiita celebmeme.
We planned on meeting and we met on May 10 if I am not wrong on 2021 around 11:55 am
Na he gave me coke .
And we started talking and he told me about his life and I felt it and I took him like my younger brother since he was 1 year younger ( I was 22 years and he was 21).alikuwa na shida ya pombe na weed sana.

He lost his mum at his tender age ,then in 2020 he lost the aunt who was close to him ( na he kept the death certificate of the aunt and a picture of him at the grave site of the aunt )
I took a picture of the death certificate and sent to someone a medical person and he told me the aunt died of pneumonia related issues.

From there the cucu take him as his own son
And Chira had one cousin who was like his brother and they would talk frequently.

I remember I spent the night kwake
Na we left each other in the morning around 8:45 am
He went for his classes
I went home and talked to my friend who is a lawyer about Chiras case akasema it’s ok he’ll help out Chira apate scholarship,also I talked to a friend of mine who was a student at Egerton university town campus if he could help out since the mum ni mtu mkubwa Kenya seed and he said it’s okay he’ll help out but no immediately but after he had studied Chira well.

Alikuwa anakunywa pombe sana na weed
Na that’s the thing that made us part ways
I did warn him about his friends because marafiki zake ni wale wa kusema Chira kuja tuko na form anaenda kulewa ,anapoteza simu sometimes anakosa kuja kwake ,when I call him awe mteja I go look for him.
From there I used to visit Chira,call him like daily I just check up on him ,on weekends we would meet up at his place na I would bring food stuffs cooked food ,even breakfast,sometimes eggs ,sometimes maize flour na mboga
Na I wouldn’t allow him to smoke weed
Na ningekam kwake ningemsimamia na mshipi ndio afanye usafi or I take the lapi away na phone and nje I would hear neighbors asking him alaa Chira kwani uko na wageni wanakuja koz unafanya usafi.

Unfortunately the lawyer died and so issues za scholarship died Ivo
I talked to my aunt who is a Catholic church nun wako na a program that sponsors students and the day of Chira going for the interview alienda party and lost his phone the scholarship ikaogelea.
Chira akahamia nyumba ya 2500 single room though it was spacious,it was not far from the one alikuwa anaishi.

He was much addicted to alcohol and weed adi Kuna siku alianza kuwa mgonjwa ( kukohoa)na I told him that nimpeleke hospital naks tao atibiwe under my name and I’ll take care of the transport issues but he declined it and told me Hana pesa ya pombe na he’ll go to his friend clinic then they’ll double the amount and he called his grandma and went to the clinic.the bill was 750 but he told shosh ni 1500,na ikatumwa he came back with pombe na dawa ,he told me ameambiwa ako na flu.

I remember that evening we really argued with him and vile alilewa na he was just saying I am sorry bro I have let you down again.
I told my friend ule mum yake ni mtu mkubwa Kenya seed about tabia za Chira na akasema he’ll not help because Chira can’t be helped at all because of his friends wale ni wabaya.

Then mara ya mwisho us meeting he called me and said he wants to see me and it was around 6 pm na nikatoka home na bike na food kama kawaida and I went kwake
Alikuwa mlevi and he had puked everywhere in the house and I got provoked I told him I am just done with him and he’ll regret it and he’ll look for me Since then we never met or talked.

From there he called me using his friends phone and he was crying and after my classes I went to see him and after seeing him I told him Chira you are sick and I asked him kama amejipima HIV akasema no
I asked him when was the last time he did sex and I asked him if it was protected,I just told him you might be positive and he said no and he chased me away
Kumbe my friend was following Chiras social handles and even after the famous accident where he was a witness and the video of Chira admitting he’s positive he was the one who told me
From there Chira tried looking for me twice and he texted me to say sorry bro I didn’t hear you and now I don’t have friends I am useless and all friends left me after I became positive
I just told him to accept it and live positively.
I remember some of the videos or interviews angefanya some were lies others were true.

Even his death I did hear from my colleagues in the afternoon
And I did see the breaking news in the social media.
What pains me is how people are creating content out of his death
I remember texting baba talisha and told him to take care of Chira and to help him out where possible.And his reply was it’s ok though this boy is using reverse psychology he can’t be helped.

I had taken my own brother na hakuna kitu sikuwai mwambia.Na I haven’t told you this so that niwe like Kina baba t.















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