“Adasa ni Mali Safi” Stivo Simple Boy Confirms Dumping His Girlfriend Pritty

Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Break Up.

(Image, Stivo, Adasa and Pritty Vishy).

Stivo Simple Boy has in a simple way come out openly to reveal to the public public that him and his girlfriend Pritty Vishy are no longer together. Stivo has said that, he decided to dump Pritty Vishy because of some of her negative behaviours.
According to Stivo a good woman must have good behaviour, and to him Pritty didn’t have that good behaviour despite having body goals.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Stivo who was in company of his alleged new girlfriend Adasa said that, he is currently trying to see if Adasa can be his girlfriend. Stivo said that Adasa is a very good lady, has good behaviours, they vibe, and to him Adasa is his ideal woman.

(photo of Stivo Simple Boy and Adasa).

(courtesy, Mungai Eve).

Adasa on the other hand said that they are just good friends with Stivo, and Stivo is a very good person, has good heart, and if God allows them to date, then they will try and give it a chance.

The two are currently working on some projects, and addressing the video that surfaced online of them having good moments in Mombasa County, Stivo Simple Boy said that, he was just on his vacation and then he hooked up with Adasa and they decided to enjoy the moment.

Stivo has said that if given a chance then he will choose Adasa, but they are still in the process of trying things and if it works out then they will move on. For Pritty Stivo said that it is true they have come from far and but because of his bad behaviours it is a quit and its over.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
(Courtesy of Mungai Eve)

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