Inside a 4 Bedroom Apartment in Lavington Whose Rent is Ksh.17,000 Daily.

In Nairobi people are divided into different classes, whereby you will find estates of high-class people, middle class and low class people, they are well known by Kenyans and a person can just know who you are after telling them where you stay.

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Livington is one of the leafy suburbs in the city, in this estate, it is where most rich people reside, and here, there are classy apartments, and very amazing mansions that are worth millions of money. To afford Lavington’s life, you must be rich. The estate is well secured and its class is just on another level.
One of the videos has gone viral online, and it is an apartment that is owned by one of the real estate companies. The 4 bedroom luxurious apartment, really caused mixed reactions online.

It has a spacious sitting room, and a very huge kitchen with every kitchen wear. It is well furnished and all the bedrooms have high quality beds and closet. It gives a vibe of a five star hotel.

Here is the video.


The owners of the apartment however revealed that the monthly rent of the apartment is ksh.350,000 per month, and the daily booking fee is ksh.17,000 , so you have to choose your plan well. The house has everything and it is indeed worth such money, keeping in mind that it is located in a royal suburb that is well secured.

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