2Mbili Expresses Gratitude as Kenyans Rally to Secure His Dream BMW X4 with Ksh.743K

Kenyans Raise Ksh.743,000 To Support 2Mbili To Buy His Dream Car BMWX4 Worth Ksh.4.5Million.The Comedian Has Appreciated All His Fans For The Support.

Kenyan content creator and renowned comedian, 2Mbili, took a moment to extend heartfelt appreciation to all Kenyans who contributed to fulfilling his dream of owning a BMW X4.

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Initially aiming for a Ksh.7 million budget, 2Mbili successfully secured a brand new BMW X4 valued at Ksh.4.5 million, thanks to the overwhelming support from his fans.

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Originating as a playful Instagram post, the comedian’s appeal for financial assistance garnered both jest and genuine backing. Despite some skepticism, 2Mbili managed to collect Ksh.743,000 from his devoted followers, combining it with his own funds to make the dream car purchase.

As he expresses gratitude for the support, 2Mbili looks forward to celebrating his birthday on January 12th with the new BMW X4, considering it the perfect start to 2024. Congratulations, Comedian 2Mbili!


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