The Doctors Told Me I Will Die in 5 Days

The dream of most of us is to live life long and enjoy every bit of this life. However we have our own plans, and God also has plans for us, and in most cases, God’s plans always outshines everything.

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The story of this young man is very heartbreaking. Immediately after completing highschool, problems started, where the boy was diagnosed of a kidney disease. It was a very tricky disease, but he received treatment , got well and even moved to the city to look for a job so that he can support his family.

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However after few months, he was again admitted in hospital over kidney failure. This time it was a tricky condition because his body was swelling. He was adding kilogrammes instead of reducing.
He was to start dialysis, but the doctors had to deliver some sad news to him. He was told that his life on this earth is limited. They told him that he will die in 5 days, so he has to accomplish everything he need before death.

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So his mother heed to his request which was to take him back home, he greated his siblings and told them to always respect people, gave them a goobye that seemed to be the last one.

For mum she didn’t give up on her son, she took him to another bigger hospital to continue with treatment. By God’s grace , it is 5 years now, the young man is still living with fear of death. Despite improving his condition, dialysis and treatment is extremely expensive.

The Doctors Told Me I Will Die in 5 Days
The Doctors Told Me I Will Die in 5 Days

They have huge debt, to an extent doctors shy away from treating him. However the man is still optimistic that one day he will get better.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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