How Model Alicia Kanini Makes Ksh.100,000 Daily For Entertaining Kenyans.

After going viral online several times, and uniting kenyans, becoming trending topic on all social media platforms, Alicia Kanini has been gaining alot from that fame and indeed she has been making huge amount of money.

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At only the age of 21 years, Alicia is about to become a millionaire, because of  her behaviour, and also her modelling career. She is a model who decided to go the onlyfans way, and sell her intimate videos to interested clients.

Revealed: See How Model Alicia Kanini Makes Ksh.100,000 Daily For Entertaining Kenyans.

Her close friend Don, roughly revealed the amount of money Alicia Kanini can make in a day. Don who is alleged to be the man in the trending videos, said that Alicia is a very great and talented model and the career is paying jer well.
He said on a day, Alicia Kanini can make over Ksh.100,000. This is just from entertaining kenyans, and the more people watch her videos on the adults videos platforms the more she makes huge amount of money.

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Don said that they are in business and it only makes sense if they make money. They are using there skills very well, and their business is just like other businesses, meaning their end goal is to create an empire and make more money through what they always do.
Here is the link to the full video on Tiktok.

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